Nitram Academy Testing (N A T)

Testing is often used as a tool to assess a student’s mastery of a subject matter, and record the student's academic progress. 

At the end of every school year at Nitram Academy, students engage in Nitram Academy Testing (NAT), in which students take an "end of year" test to  measure their mastery/skills in Reading, Mathematics, Language Arts, Spelling, Science, and Social Studies. 

Since 2015, the test given annually at Nitram Academy at the end of each school year, is the Stanford Achievement Test 10th Edition (prior to 2015 the test given was the Iowa Assessment Test and California Achievement Test). 

Students take the test online over the course of a 2-3 day period, and upon student test completion, the tests are submitted to Seton for scoring. 

NAT is meant to indicate evidence of student progress. The test results show how any Nitram Academy student compares nationally against other students in the same grade level who took the same test at the same time of year.

Scores are usually completed within a week or less. In order for students to be promoted to the next grade, students  MUST achieve an overall score of "Meets Standards." 

Annual NAT Results






For each of the six critical subject areas tested for NAT at the end of each year -- Reading, Mathematics, Language Arts, Spelling, Science and Social Studies -- student performance is scored and determined how well they met expectations compared to other students in their same grade nationwide who took the test:

  • Far Exceeds Expectations (highest)
  • Exceeds Expectations 
  • Meets Expectations 
  • Approaching Expectations 
  • Does Not Meet Expectations (lowest)

In other words, if a student scores in the "Far Exceeds Expectations" range for a given area, this means the student far exceeded expectations as compared to other students nationwide in the same grade.