Interesting Articles on Homeschooling

"The Rise of Homeschooling Among Black Families"

by Jessica Huseman, 

The Atlantic (2015)

"Why Home Schooling Is an Increasing Option for Black Families"

by Je'don Holloway Talley,

Birmingham Times (2017)

"The Rise of Homeschooling Was Broad and Partisan"

by Kerry McDonald,

Foundation for Economic Education (2017)

"Why Homeschooling Is On the Rise"

by Autumn Burke,

ThoughtCo. (2018)

"How Technology and Online Education Are Making Homeschooling More Accessible"

Ozobot (2017)

"Homeschooling Could Be the Smartest Way to Teach Kids in the 21st Century — Here are 5 Reasons Why"

by Chris Weller, 

Business Insider (2018)

"As Homeschooling Becomes More Mainstream, Is It Right for My Child? Here's What I've Learned"

By Saima Sitwat, 

Public Source (2018)

"The Radical Self-Reliance of Black Homeschooling"

by Melinda D. Anderson

The Atlantic (2018)

"Why Do I Homeschool You Ask? Wait, Why Do You Send Your Kids to School?"

by Cornerstone Dad (2010)